We specialise in handmade Crispy Yam Mooncakes.
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4 Pieces Box Design
Option A - Midnight Blue Pavilion
2 Pieces Box Design
4 Pieces Box Design
Option B - Lavender Floral
1 Piece Box Design
Include 1x paper box
orders & Enquiries
WhatsApp: +65 8931 8135
Hotline: +65 6226 2226
Email: enquiries@1acrispypuffs.com
To place orders online, kindly visit our official Shopee Mall by clicking on icon above!
(1) Where are ZhenWei booths located this year? 
Great news! We are setting up a pop-up store inside Takashimaya B2 from 27 August - 1 October 2020. 
(2) Can I mix the flavours/ different type of mooncake in each box?
Yes! For customised orders, please WhatsApp us at 89318135 to place order. 
(3) When can I start ordering/ get my mooncakes?
You may place your order now. For delivery/pick up:
  • For 4 Pieces box (Midnight Blue Pavilion design) - from 20 July'20 (while stock lasts)
  • For 4 Pieces box (Lavender Floral design), 2 Pieces box, 1 Piece box - from 1 September'20 
(4) When is Mid-Autumn? 
This year's Mid-Autumn is on 1st October 2020 :')
(5) How do I order?
(6) Are there any early-bird promotion/ bulk order discounts?
  • For bulk order discounts: please contact us for more information 
  • Early-bird discount have ended
(7) What are the delivery fees?
  • For orders above $150 - free delivery to one location 
  • For orders below $150 - there will be a delivery fee of $20 per location
(8) Where are the self-collection venues? 
Bedok Factory & Takashimaya B2
(9) Are the mooncakes vegetarian
  • Crispy Yam Mooncake - vegetarian, but not vegan. Please note that we use onions to heat up the oil for the yam
  • Baked White Lotus Mooncake - not vegetarian
(10) Is Zhen Wei Mooncake halal?
  • ​The brand Zhen Wei is NOT halal certified. However, all ingredients used for our Crispy Yam Mooncake series are sourced from halal certified suppliers as they are produced from Halal Certified Central Kitchen.
  • The baked white lotus mooncake are NOT halal certified, and is outsourced. 
(11) How long can the mooncakes be kept for? 
Crispy Yam Mooncake - 3 days in room temperature, 7 days if kept in the fridge
Baked White Lotus Mooncake - up to 2 months, expiry date is printed on packaging of each mooncake.
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For orders, call us at  + 65 6226 2226 or email to enquiries@1acrispypuffs.com    (Singapore)